Welcome to my blog!


Behold! A car! Or, the beginnings of one, anyway. I really want to improve my skills with more complex workflows, so I thought, why not? I chose a 1998 Ford Mustang because it was my favorite Barbie car as a kid.

No, really. Haha!


So apparently my #1 game on Steam last year was "Hokkaido Game." Haha! It's basically just a copy of Suika Game, with some great voicework and nice effects. I loved it so much I decided to try coding my own version.

BEHOLD! Browser Game!


I've been playing around with stylized art a bit. Made some trees. I really like the effect, especially once the wind picks up. Definitely needs more time though, lol.


This is where I'm gonna record my many feelings!

I do love this whole "Indie Web" thing, though. I coded my first website when I was 9 and I remember it being a huge obsession. I wanna go back to that.

Because, you know what? That 9-year-old had it pretty rough in retrospect. But she was also joyous! Because she had ways to express herself. I want that for me. For her.